Multichannel marketing and Product information management from Perfion

Multichannel marketing and Product information management from Perfion

Perfion is a leading company within the world of product information management solutions, or PIM-solutions. PIM is for all businesses with a large assortment of products, that can benefit from multi-channel and multi-language communication.

Multi channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing is a platform that can help international businesses with updating all their product information - on one platform, at once. It is the solution for companies that want to spend their time on multi-channel marketing, instead of product synchronization. Multi-channel marketing ensures that all products are synchronized across various communication platforms.
One of the many benefits of multi-channel marketing is that it becomes possible to keep product information in a local language. This means a much lower transition barrier between markets and a much easier expansion.

Product information management

Multi-channel marketing is a part of Perfion’s product information management (PIM). PIM is a platform that keeps information updated throughout the company. With drag and drop it becomes simple to use PIM to keep new product information up-to-date. Moreover, information can be updated hierarchically. Thereby, improvement and adaptation become far easier for extern partners. In short, product information management is the solution to keeping information up-to-date, without having to keep track of synchronized information on several platforms.


Perfion is behind product information management (PIM) and you can read much more about multi-channel marketing and product information management on their website. Moreover, you are able to find contact information on the professional staff behind Perfion. They have already helped a great number of recognizable companies across the world and they can help your business, too.
Find Perfion at, where you are also able to read much more about Perfion’s products.