Tire manipulators with market-leading technology

Tire manipulators with market-leading technology

Just Easy Tools are producing high-quality tools for OTR tire service. Read more about their tire manipulator here.

These tire manipulators have zero compromises

Are you looking for a tire manipulator for tire service? Just Easy Tools have some of the best products on the market and have developed revolutionary technology for tire handling. Their tire manipulator is very flexible and easy in almost every work situation. It is adaptable with almost every forklift system and provides some of the safest and most precise working conditions. First of all, it has a 3-point-grip which does not wear on the tires and which gives a much safer and firmer grip, than the classic 2-point-grip. The tire manipulator has a camera built in, which registers even the smallest movements and provides a clear overview and safe working conditions. The easy rotation makes mounting the wheel easy. The gripping arms can be replaced with telescope pipes for a longer range and with flat gripping arms if there is a very small space between the wheel arch and the wheel.

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Are you looking for a tire handler adaptable with a forklift for OTR tire service? Then Just Easy Tools have just what you are looking for. Their revolutionary technology and innovative design make OTR tire service much easier and safer. When working with OTR (Off the Road) tires safety is a keyword. Heavy tires can easily crush a foot if falling down and crush a car if rolling. Safety is key, and with a tire manipulator from justeasytools.com you will experience very controlled, precise and firm grips and movements, which is much safer, more efficient and easier. With their forklift-adaptable systems tires of any size can easily be removed, mounted, stacked or moved. Their tire manipulator provides a very safe 3-point-grip without squeezing and wearing on the tire. The build in camera system provides safety and precision in every single movement. Their tire stacker has a 90-degree rotation system, which makes stacking easy even in OTR tire service.