Best sound for the car at Dynaudio

Best sound for the car at Dynaudio

Dynaudio offer the best sound in the car as well as at home. Their selection of premium sound systems are available in a long range of Volkswagen car models.

Best sound for the car

Volkswagen is a world-renowned car manufacturer known for its German efficiency, thoroughness and sheer expertise, down to the smallest detail, when designing and manufacturing cars. That is precisely why Volkswagen has chosen to work together with Dynaudio in a collective effort to achieve the best sound possible for the car. The best sound for the car is obtained through a unique Dynaudio sound system, designed specifically for Volkswagen cars. This sound system provides a fantastic, lifelike sound even when driving. Music as well as radio and podcasts come to life due to the exceptional collaboration of Volkswagen and Dynaudio.

The car models

Several of the Volkswagen car models have been pampered with the sublime Dynaudio sound systems. The Phaeton and Golf car models have been updated with the highly sought-after Dynaudio sound systems, to name a few, which has already benefited numerous VW car owners. Driving a Volkswagen car with a Dynaudio sound system installed is one of those things one simply has to experience. The sound and the feeling and pleasure of the drive verges on indescribability.


Dynaudio have received great recognition for their exceptional car sound systems but also their home products are worth mentioning. If you care for good sound and user-friendly design, there is no doubt that you will care for Dynaudio’s car and home sound systems. You are even able to stream all sound and music wirelessly in the home, thanks to Dynaudio’s new wireless technology that fully utilizes smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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