Clothes rails, shoe racks and other fashion furnitures

Clothes rails, shoe racks and other fashion furnitures

Do you need clothes rails or shoe racks, you can find it at

Clothes rails are ideal for proper display of clothes

Do you have problems placing your clothes in your closet or perhaps even finding it when you need it? If you find this to be a bit of a burden then you should consider getting clothes rails from They have different types both with and without wheels. It can be very useful to have clothes rails in your room. Not only can you hang your clothes there you can also have an extra detail in your room. It will add a certain industrial feeling, but will go well with any style. If you need a clothes rail you can find out more here.

Shoe racks with an industrial look

In a home or a shop it can be quite a good idea to have shoe racks. At your home they can be used by yourself as well as your guests, so you will not have shoes all over the entrance hall. It can be quite annoying to fall over shoes when you get home. In shops they can obviously be used as a way to view the shoes. You can find the ideal shoe rack at With these racks, that are also combined benches, you can sit down when you have to put your shoes on.

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When you need something for your home that gives a shine of industrial charm you can find the perfect items at When you go to you will find different products such as clothes rails or shelves. These are made in robust and natural materials including wood and galvanized steel. is a company made by three brothers and came into existence by pure creativity and requests from friends. If you wish to know more about their products, and their way to success you can learn more under the category “about us”.